Dive in ...

Dive in ... - student project

I was in a bad mood today and I thought it was perfect to take the opportunity of this class to explore my bad emotions.

But I'm finding out just now that I'm sharing my experience, that I began with this intention and actually I forgot it quite soon as quite soon I entered in another state.

The fact that I could choose any material I could find and to be without expectations put me already in another mood.

Generally it was interesting for me to pay attention to the moments in which the critical mind arose, to be present and to deal with it directly as this is something happens very often in the daily life and being aware of it is an exercise of presence that can be applied even in other moments.



Even regarding the material, at the beginning I had the intention of using watercolour but I instinctively took the acrylics and I didn't want to use brushes. 

I started with a warm up session to check the colours I had at disposal and to explore the marks I could make...below the first result.

The fact that I had just a few colours was grounds for my mind to intervene and this, like the following moments in which the mind arouse, was occasion for me to remember what I was doing and actually to settle deeper in the no expectation state.


Dive in ... - image 1 - student project


 Dive in ... - image 2 - student project


I felt attracted to the blues and I went on with this.

My mind usually came out saying here and there this is not nice, but it was easy to 


Dive in ... - image 3 - student project


Actually the following session was a surprise. I started randomly to put color on the paper and at a certain point my eyes saw a face. I followed it and I reinforce my vision adding some details. And then I rotated the paper this time creating consciously a female face. And at the end I added colour.

I loved both the result and the process.


Dive in ... - image 4 - student project


Dive in ... - image 5 - student project


Dive in ... - image 6 - student project


Dive in ... - image 7 - student project