Ditch your Tuner-Tuning the Guitar the EEzy Way

Ditch your Tuner-Tuning the Guitar the EEzy Way - student project

Can you play the piano? How about the violin? Are you a guitarist like me? Do you struggle with tuning and bash away on an out of tune instrument? If so, STOP!!! NOTHING sounds worse than an instrument which has not been properly tuned.

Tuning the guitar can be tedious and confusing unless you know what you are doing. I'm here to show you a better and easier way. You won't have to mess with different tones or worry about dead batteries. Never again will your phone fall off your knee because you are rushing to tune before a gig. One simple trick can save you stress and time. Come inside and learn to tune your guitar the EEzy way.    

David Henry
Veteran Guitarist-Who wants to LEARN GUITAR?