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Alejandro Antonio

Illlustrator & Animator



District 9 Walk Cycles

This was an incredible learning experience. From looking at everyone's projects to actually getting one done for myself. It was great to learn the entire process of creating an animated walk cycle in a gif form. This was my initial result after watching the lessons for the first time.


After I was done with this walk cycle I wanted to do more walk cycles with different challenges. District 9 is one of my favorite movies. The story behind the movie gave me more than enough inspiration to create different walk cycles based on the evolution of the main character, Wikus. Each presented a different challenge. Nevertheless, the lessons in this class were more than helpful to create each one. 

Still for all the walk cycles 

Walk Cycle 1 -Eviction Notice-

Walk Cycle 2 -Running from MNU-

Walk Cycle 3 -Attacking MNU-

Walk Cycle 4 -Exosuit- 

Walk Cycle 5 -Gift-


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