Distraction everywhere

Distraction everywhere - student project

My biggest problem with fulfilling my tasks is that there is a huge part of my job with work I don‘t like doing but can‘t avoid and unfortunately can‘t give to someone else. It‘s the work on the computer I hate so much… Doing the same thing with my hands (writing, drawing and so on) keeps my mind focused.

When working on my computer every single tiny bit of distraction is more than welcome and that really gets me into an awful lot of trouble… 


Examples for an endless list of distractions: cleaning, watching Netflix on my mobile device, drawing, calling my mom… even planning my projects can be a wonderful distraction as long as I don’t have to type in this computer thing…


my solution? Still working on it…

found some things to help me though:


1. Kick myself with the words: at least turn the monster pc on and open the file  you have to work on before anything else today (sometimes it helps)


2. silencing my brain with some podcast that isn‘t too interesting. The background noise helps me focus


3. installing an app that locks my mobile device for the wished amount of time


4. creating a to do list and cutting it short so that only half of the tasks remain at the end as I tend to want too much and getting frustrated over only getting a quarter of it done. So write down the most important half and you will at least reach 75% of that.