Distilling the Best Brands

So I enrolled in this course because I needed to start expanding my abilities. I've never been so great at drawing, but I've been alright with vectors. I'd seen a lot of Tom's work before and this class looked super interesting. 

My first run at this project was actually a piece for the branding and communications firm I work for. Our main messaging is centred around Distilling Brands to what makes them unique and valued as we seek to make them more human. We deal with a lot of companies that are business to business, so features and benefits are a big thing, but not what actually attracts people. Anyway, I digress.

I started with my list of items, my boss and I bouncing thoughts back and forth.


From there, I jumped into some sketches based on what we got out of the lists.



I thought the first sketch had the most promise and developed from there, thinking I'd for sure need to edit down as I went. I wasn't wrong. 


I edited out some of the parts that weren't making much sense and proceeded to make my ink marks. It's been a long time since I've pulled out the ink (which was dry, necessitating a trip to the art store) and my pens/brushes. One thing I'll need to work on in the future is 'letting go' when it comes to making the marks, being more spontaneous. It's a work in progress…






Started building the texture in from that point and edited down some of the vector shapes…


And finally got to this point which is what's been approved…


I looked at this with some fresh eyes yesterday and made the final revision, eliminating the black, and settling on just the two colours. The choice to add the retro box for the background was made largely to give SOME visual interest to the background as it was feeling a bit flat otherwise.


This is the final version that I'm happy with. There's a lot for me to learn still, but I'm happy to have gotten a solid start. Thanks for the class Tom, look forward to seeing more in the future.



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