Distant Memories - Book II


Family, Friends, Acquatances

Audience Interest

Stories told by their (our) Mother

My Three Matches To Their Interests

  1. family events from 1945 - 2005 (Book I covered 1912 - 1944)
  2. historical facts that effected all of us
  3. untold stories from Mother's perspective

One Liner

A Mother's voice is heard from conception until the final silence unless she leaves you her journals. 

Full Length Story

When Dorothy was 70 years or so she asked me to write her story.  Although I protested in that only she would know her story for the next 20 years or more I'd give her autobiographies of people she admired, Anne Morrow Lindberg, Helen Keller, John F. Kennedy with encouragement that we could work together on her story.  She wrote voraciously in 3-ring binders and upon her death bequeathed stories beginning in 1912 until the year she died 2005.  Book I is a wrap and was well-received, interestingly as much, and maybe, more by friends and acquatances for it gave them hope and a template to do the same. 


I am compelled to write Book II not because she asked me to for but because of the richness of those who entered and left her life and indirectly affected mine.   














































































































































































































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