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Gloria Chiang




Disparate Composition

Work in progress

1. Choose your music

The first time I heard Young & Beautiful was while watching The Great Gatsby and even though the movie left much to be desired, the story held its own prowess and amplified the melancholic beauty of the song.

channel ORANGE was hugely popular but personally, Frank Ocean is an acquired taste. Sampling the new Earl Sweatshirt collaboration, Sunday.

2.1 Listen to your music

I put Young & Beautiful on repeat while I scoured the internet for imagery that tells the story of what I hear and how I feel when I listen to this piece of music. Interestingly, a few scenes from Romeo + Juliet (same director for The Great Gatsby) also came to mind. A palette that is a mixture of opulence and melancholia seems to be emerging.

2.2 Choose Your Font

I don't know much about fonts beyond Comic Sans faux pas. As highlighted by Sandra Relf, there's a recurring Art Deco style looking on my Pinterest board. So I did a little search on Art Deco fonts and filtered the few which I liked and the elements in them that I found interesting or didn't quite like.


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