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Disneyland Jungle Cruise Attraction Poster

A couple of years ago I purchased a book called, "Poster Art of the Disney Parks" and really liked the simplicity of some of the early Disneyland attraction posters which were done by Disney artists to promote the various rides throughout the parks. In searching for a poster ad for the class assignment I actually looked at several of those posters in the previously mentioned book but in my search I also came across a series of minimalist attraction posters that were recently done by Tony Sherg, an illustrator from Orange County, California. Tony's attraction illustrations were feature on the "Disney and More Blog" (http://disneyandmore.blogspot.com/2013/10/tony-sherg-minimalist-attractions.html):

While I really liked all of his Disneyland attraction posters, I particularly chose the Jungle Cruise poster because it has a lot of curves and shapes that I thought would give me a good workout on improving my Adobe Illustrator skills. I also liked the color palette that he used on the poster.


Here is my finished version of the Sherg attraction poster:

This was really a great exercise since I had a lot of curves and shapes to work on. Using  the pen tool so frequently was a big help since is a tool that I've struggled with in the past. But just like with most things with art and software, the more time you spend on these tools the better you get at using them. I did have to choose a slightly different "Jungle Cruise" font since I didn't already have the one that was originally used and I wasnt' able to replicate the texture from the original in the brownish section to the right but I'm sure that is something I'll eventually be able to do after spending more time in Illustrator and taking more classes. I have mostly used Photoshop in the past so I'm  really looking forward to incorporating some Illustrator know-how into my PS design work and also spending more time creating designs in Illustrator.

Looking forward to the next design class on my list . . .


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