Disney Toy story

Disney Toy story - student project

Okay its taken me a while - will update content later but finally my Toy Story Poster. Quite pleased with it. 

I decided I wanted to create a Disney inspired poster and I loved the colour combos and vintage appeal of this Toy Story one original version below by Mark Whalen .

Disney Toy story - image 1 - student project

http://omgposters.com/2012/05/10/toy-story-poster-by-tom-whalen-and-dark-shadows-poster-by-ghostco-both-new-from-mondo-onsale-info/ Accessed May 2014

At first to be honest I was pretty daunted but after watching the videos I made a start section by section with the pen tool and adding shapes using pathfinder to cut/ divide etc. 

There was a few tricky / awkward curves a long the way and one of the main issuses was the amount of different players/ objects so having these of different layers helped. 

For the carpet pattern lines I used the blend tool then copied out lines and dragged to get the perspective but I'm not sure this was the best way of doing it so any pointers on this would be appreciated. 

Getting there

Disney Toy story - image 2 - student project

A few wee frustrating illustrator things I was wondering if anyone has encountered but when you select a colour for the fill you can just use the eyedropper then click and it changes (that is if you select the object you want to change) However, when you do this for the stroke it always switches to the fill even if you select it??

Overall a really fun class and its certainly made me less scared of using Illustrator. 

Disney Toy story - image 3 - student project