Dishes from December


Outdoor lunch

This photo was taken outdoors to get natural light on the food. The shot was of my lunch that came beautifully presented on a really sunny day. I chose a table in the a lot of shade giving the shot a soft touch of light but still trying to maintain the sense of a warm day. I tried out the 45 degree angle with the edge of the table to give a little more interest. I also tried to include the cup of knives and forks that was set on the table as a prop, to reference the informal rustic style of the cafe. To improve I think I could have stood a little higher and maybe gathered a few more interesting props in focus/ increased the aperture a little more. 

Dishes from December - image 1 - student project


Time for desert

The second photo is of a desert (that also came really well presented) in a more formally set restaurant. This photo had a little bit of natural light and artificial, which is why it is more of a yellow tone. Defiantly wished I had sat closer to the window but I am still really happy with the result. One of my favourite things about the setting was the texture of the table and I wanted to show that off as much as possible, so I played around with the angle of the photo until I got the light to hit the detail of the grain. 


Dishes from December - image 2 - student project




Coffee coffee coffee

My final image is of one of the things I love most... coffee!! In this photo I wanted the light directly behind the coffee (content) and the plant (prop) so the the shadows created a similar sized mirror shape. I was really happy with how this worked with the plant :) Another thing I played with was getting my friend to reach for the coffee to give a sense of scale, which highlighted how little the glass of water was. To improve this photo I think I could have moved further away to give show more of the cafe interior and give more context to the image.

Dishes from December - image 3 - student project




Thank you so much for the course! it has massively grown my confidence in taking photos of food :D