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Gabriel Guevara

Jack of all trades




I used what I learned in this class for a school project. The idea was to make a poster about a social issue of our concern. I am from El Salvador, but I live and study in Argentina. As a foreigner, I have seen many cases where immigrants are discriminated by their country of origin (specially those with indigenous descent), being called names or treating them as thieves. I chose to use a play on the word "Discriminación" (discrimination), smudging the first part of the word, and leaving "nación" (nation), as a way of showing that something good can come out if this discrimination is erased from society.

The phrase at the bottom is a translation of the latin expression "Ubi bene ibi patria" (Where I am at ease, there is my country), that serves as a motto for all migrants.

I tried different materials, such as markers and ink and brushes, but ended up working with my first rough draft, made with a 5B pencil. 

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