Discovering water colour | Skillshare Projects

Melissa Wentzel

Cape Town based freelance writer



Discovering water colour

Exercise 1

My monochrome activity. I copied a simple line drawing from a google search and alternated between a No. 5 and a No. 000 brush. My hand's a bit heavy for the fine lines, will need to practice some more. It was fun to paint something though :-)


Exercise 2

My 'planets'. This exercise was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed seeing how the different ingredients interact. It also made me feel a little more courageous with my paints.


Exercise 3

Loved this jellyfish exercise, so amazed at the simple techniques and how it makes everything look so polished and professional. Definitely doing this again.


Exercise 4

My galaxy scene. This is my second try - struggled a bit with speed - paint would dry before I could connect everything - took away from that couldy effect. I used a number 5 brush - will be running to the store to get a number 10 :-) I'd love to do this again and turn it into an alphabet print for my kids' rooms. 



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