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Discovering my art style (exercises and experiences)

I was using a simple pencil and pen for all of my projects because that's what I had. :)

I'm just starting my journey in art, so I might not have discovered my complete style during this class. But I discovered a lot of other valuable things.

Here is what I gained or discovered:

  1. Faith that I can one day become an artist.
  2. I can do small but be consistent rather than wanting to go big or perfect, then losing faith and failing to finish. Baby step after baby step, and don't give up!
  3. When I consciously ignored my fears while drawing, it was such a fun, meditative, heart-opening, soft and rewarding process. Very quickly these exercises became that one thing I waited to do every day.
  4. I want to learn the basic concepts of light, shadow, figure drawing, sizes and perspectives.
  5. I like details. Graphic drawing. This might help me further in discovering my style :)
  6. It was just so really sweet and fun. Ria's voice is soothing, calming and inspiring. I felt like a small girl drawing in the presence of her loving mother. Thank you for that.

1st exercise

The biggest break-out in dealing with fear while drawing



2nd exercise

It's OK to not know what you're doing



3rd exercise

Allowing myself to draw like a 3 year old



4th exercise

The one I enjoyed the most and the one that amazed me most (I didn't think I can draw this)



5th exercise

Quick sketch of an old recurring vision



This was an amazing experience. Thank you.


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