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Discovering and Uncovering

I found that I was very surprised to hear multiple people give me the same answers during questioning. I also found myself very flattered by the answers that were so complimentary. :)

1. Many people appreciate my hard work ethic and willingness to help others in any situation, whether work or outside of work. Also my lack of complaining, which is something I had not noticed but thought was a huge compliment.

2. EVERYONE said that I should appreciate my beauty and self worth more, which sadly was not a surprise to hear and is a work in progess.

3. Overall I was told to continue coming from possibility and continue in my journey to move up in my workplace.

4. I lose power when I do not have control over something, or have a fear of failing. I need to find that time and space to fail, as well as find inspiration and learning from that failure.

5. I am most inspired when I figure something out or see results. (or when I am busting a move if you ask some...)

6. I am most challenging to others when I am defensive, or can not let things go. Often it will be very small and insignificant things that I let get to me.

7. Going along with question 2, many wish for me to find peace with myself physically and emotionally, and to know that I am a powerful person!

8. I can master happiness, advanced yoga poses, and peace.


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