Discovering My Style


Got low on time towards the left side. But this was very enjoyable. I've never timed myself sketching before. I think I'll incorporate this into my practice. Very fun.




I used watercolor pencils for this sketch. I realized that I need to use them more and how much I rely on a sketch to create. I find it very difficult to just begin painting, which I why I chose this medium. I learned a lot about how I work and using this medium, with this study. Can't wait to complete the other exercises.




Another challenging one. I enjoyed how this exercise shows what you commit to memory the most and what information you tend to leave out. For the sake of time, I chose to work with watercolor pencils again. I don't think I have that firm a grasp on watercolor yet to just paint off of a loose sketch. Maybe I should challenge myself for the remaining two exercises.





My interpretation of the prompt was a full moon. I've been obsessed with skies lately and when I saw the prompt, coupled with the fact that the moon was full this week, I had to do it.

I enjoyed this. I chose to keep it simple, but I wished I used a different paper to execute it. My sketchbook paper isn't the best with wet washes and blending. Got some undesired back runs in some areas. But, I'm satisfied with it.




I've been studying skies and clouds in watercolor for the past several weeks. I've mostly studied simple wet-on-wet skies using primary colors or blue and gray values. I thought I'd take the opportunity to make this an attempt at wet on dry. I'm not completely satisfied, as I can see where my subject wasn't as puffy as it could have been. My reference image had a cloud that was fluffy, but not puffy in height.

Secondly, my paper of choice - a cellulose watercolor journal - didn't stay wet enough for me to blend my shadow areas. In hindsight, I would have wet the paper prior to adding in my shadows for a smoother result. Though, due to the overall flatness of my subject, I don't think I'd be satisfied with it in the end.

But, I am satisfied with the fact that I got to learn what I would change and what I would keep for future reference.



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