Discovering Colour

Discovering Colour - student project

Discovering Colour - image 1 - student projectI chose to do this project since I've found that I was a bit colour-happy and tended to use every colour in my palette in previous paintings. I must say I am SO HAPPY with this class - I learned a lot about what colours I like, and some great tips and tricks - thank you Ana!!


My Basic Colour Theory practice is below. I'm using a Winsor & Newton travel pan set. I found it difficult to create secondary/tertiary colours that were really opaque, but I guess I might just need practice. On the right I tried a different blue from the pan set, and for the red I tried my Ecoline 390 pink for the red. Discovering Colour - image 2 - student project


The warm & cool exercise was not as interesting for me, maybe because I wasn't thrilled on my colour choice, but here it is below:Discovering Colour - image 3 - student project


Next I did the activity with 3 tones, and this was one of the most exciting/ interesting lessons in the activity. It was amazing how many different colours you can get out of just 3 tones! I had a ton of fun testing them out in rows of 2:

Discovering Colour - image 4 - student project

The colour scheme/swatches activity was also a ton of fun and was really creative. I even dreamt of colour combos the night after I did this! I think the seaside colour combination is my favorite of the ones below.

Discovering Colour - image 5 - student project


Finally, for the last project, I chose ocre and dark brown from my pan set and this lovely Ecoline 535 deep blue liquid watercolour paint that I have. 

Discovering Colour - image 6 - student project

I realised I'm in LOVE with this colour combination and it was super fun just painting random shapes and lines, and experimenting with the different browns and grays that came out of it.


I really appreciated this class and am so happy that I found it! I'm ever curious to know more, but am glad that I've been able to progress a little and that I'm dreaming of colour!!