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Discoveries in watercolor

Finally I found some strength and courage to start my first project on skillshare! Yay!

I've been in love with watercolor illustration and lettering forever, but I also always felt quite insecure to start using it on my own, just because watercolor is something you can't control completely and you can never be sure what the final result will be. But so far, so good, I really enjoy this class, even though I still need to learn to embrace imperfections, tiny accidents and mistakes.

Anyway, here are my messy exercises. I enjoyed working on transparencies but had a hard time with gradients because they were not turning out as smooth as I wanted them to. I will try to come back to them in the nearest future.



For this exercise I chose to illustrate a Russian doll. I always see these cute and colorful designs of Matryoshka online, in print, on clothes by different illustrators, so I got inspired and decided to give it a try. For this one I used watercolor tube (Winsor & Newton). It is my first watercolor in a tube and I really liked its texture and the tones I got out of it. Also I think it will last much longer than watercolor pan (for the same price). 


After I finished Matryoshka, I was not completely satisfied with how it went and I tried one more monochrome exercise. This time I picked liquid watercolor and was very disappointed by it (again my first liquid watercolor). I couldn't get that very concentrated shade I needed for outlines, so I tried going over it several times which made lines look heavy. So in conclusion in monochromatic drawings I would probably stick with watercolor pan or tube.



That was fun and relaxing. Bleach stuff was my favorite. For now I don't have a big variety of supplies but I've already made a shopping list for the next time at the art supply store. Some different inks, metallic colors, liquid watercolors are waiting for me to get them. 



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