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Michael Colley

Backpacker intern from TradeforXP




Hi guys! I'm micro-interning around South and North America, and I'm currently I'm working with a small start up called Discovereel. I've been asked to help give their business a little more structure and planning.

The guys are already building their prototype but I think that we need to understand if there is a real potential userbase that we could generate for this in the meanwhile. So here is our idea pitch and below are some questions that we'd love answering for feedback. Thanks in advance!




Discovereel is a social network and dashboard providing tools for entrepreneurial collaboration. 

Elevator pitch:

This is essentially the Evernote Business of the entrepreneur world. It allows you to contact, project manage, research collaboratively with other entrepreneurs around the world, all from the customizable dashboard. 

They are building Discovereel to mobilize entrepreneurs who, when trying to start new projects, often have limited access to resources, such as; collaborators, influencers, research and project management tools. All of which will be available on Discovereel's new platform. Prior to Discovereel, the team was focusing on Bygato, Franco, the founder's successful branding agency. 

With a social media login platform the profile created will collect your interests and show you profiles of potential collaboraters and influencers within your market of interest. A customizable dashboard will give you access to all the news and information you usually go to several websites for and seek daily (weather, calender, schedule, to do list). The platform will also be highly integrated with webapps such access to Newsreaders, Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud based applications, again, all customisable per dashboard, much like Hootsuite. 

The screenshot below shows your integrated email client and collection attachments to enable ease of organization. 

Screenshot of UI:



1. What do you think of the logo and branding scheme? Do you like it or do you think it lacks something?

2. Why will the product work? 

3. What don't you like about the idea?

4. Are we trying to do too much with one application?

5. Would you use a platform like this?

6. Are there any obvious holes in the webapp concept?

thanks again!


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