Discover Your Art Style Project

Project 3 - second attempt :)


Project 3

Things I Like:

I'm happiest with the pillow! 

Things I Don't Love:

The spotch on the left side - things started going wrong and I just wasn't sure how to recover!

Things to notice for next time:

The colors change so quickly - just a little color makes a big difference. I was using a pretty small brush, which made it difficult to do bigger washes - after doing the lower background, I switched to a larger brush and like the wash up top much better. 


Project 2


Watercolor. I'm finding that endurance is really something to build up! 30 minutes is a great starting point - I find myself loosing focus towards the end, it's good to be building my art muscles.

Project 1


I got caught up a bit in trying to get proportions/lines right and then wasn't sure how to capture the broader effect. I think if I did this again I'd try to have a more zoomed out focus. 


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