Discover My Art Style (if any, lol)

Almost didn't start this project.  I'm not comfortable sketching.  Hence, why I signed up for the class.  


For this study I used a Micron Pen 05


I cannot say they look like blueberries.  And, my pots are crooked.  I spent about 15 minutes with the sketch.

Exercise 3

First, if you ever want to realize that you really need to work on your art, try this exercise.  I stared hard at that photo for the full minute.  I've never even thought about drawing an open book before.  That is tricky.  I spent 16 minutes on the piece.  I felt if I did more, I'd ruin it (well, make it worse).  All in all, it's a very good way to try and train your mind to visualize what you want to see.  I tend to want to make things look exactly as they do in reality.  Not good for anyone wanting to do art.  If you want it to look exactly like it is, take a photo...been told that many times.


Exercise 4  "Full"

Well, I almost just skipped this.  I am not a very imaginative person.  I kind of need more guidelines.  Like draw this.  All I could imagine was a full glass, until "Full House" popped into my  mind.


I do not have photoshop on my machine.  Never even thought about having it.  So, I used a pencil sketch, water color, some paint pen and an O5. Micron pen.

Excercise 5


I really had to think about what to do.  I do much better with pointed instruction.  But, if you are going to discover "your own style" you'd better learn to think for yourself, lol.   I chose the nasturtiums.  I love they way they just ramble and roam.  There are lots in our garden and I simply broke off a branch and sketched.  


At first I started sketching with a pencil, but I'm discovering I much prefer the micron pen.  A couple of splashes of water color and I call it done.  


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