Discipline and discovery

Discipline and discovery - student project

Discipline and discovery - image 1 - student project

Hi :) my name is Carol and this is my first entry for this project.  

I didn't time it properly as I set the stop watch instead of alarm function ~  oops ~ so went over time slightly.  Interestingly, I realised I found myself more drawn to (pun not intended lol ) the way the light fell in the picture rather than the flowers themselves, and I love the textured background.  

I didn't get a chance yesterday (12th August) to do the project ~ On the plus side though, I did manage to time it correctly :)   I chose ink and brush ~  I really enjoyed this attempt ~ not perfect by a long way I know, but it was fun :)  I want to do it again and get it right ~ but Im resisting the urge! 

Discipline and discovery - image 2 - student project

Discipline and discovery - image 3 - student project

This was interesting ~ I remembered a circle, a square and a triangle and the light direction as my memory aid.  The detail, not so much!! ha ha ha.   I also went off script for colour (deliberately)  The lines on the sofa sort of became a  'window with light' effect from the left. After I had finished, I noticed the back page of the book had the wrong line direction grr ~ so tempting to correct it ~ but I was finished so left it!  Another fun exercise :)  I used water colour, white ink and uni -pin black ink pen on bristol board~ which I slightly over worked and caused some surface lifting.

Discipline and discovery - image 4 - student project

Ha Ha ~ this was fun!!

Gouach on Bristol Board

I got totally absorbed ~ its not finished as I ran out of time!  

I have been watching the meteors over the past few nights and observing the light of the moon on the trees outside of my bedroom window ~ so this immediately came to mind when I read the prompt word.  Great word!! 

Discipline and discovery - image 5 - student project

For my last project I chose to explore a topic that I want to paint ~ my cherry tree, hammock view :) 

I love the texture of the bark on this tree and the twisted bending boughs.  I also love the fact that I'm hidden in my hammock watching the bird life.  I did this from memory ~ and used charcoal, gouache and charcoal pencil on bristol board.  

17th August  Thank you all!! 

I have finished this course ~ but it kind of feels like a beginning too :)

I feel that I've begun to see some of the main elements of my personal style ~ huge thank~ you to Ria and to all of the artists who posted work ~ I loved looking at and learning from your projects ~ inspiring!!