Discipline | Don't tell them your mother's Korean | I don't believe you

All of my ideas seem to revolve around my mom! hahaha but I think my first idea "Discipline" is more about growing up with an Asian mother. No matter how strict she is, she always thinks of my siblings and I as her babies! (And we all came out with quick reflexes to deflect hits ohoho!)

My second idea is based off of my having signed up for Korean language classes at my universitya a few years ago. I told my mother (who's Korean) and the first thing she said was "Don't tell anyone that your mother is Korean." I was so shocked! But it makes for a very short, but funny story!

As for the last idea, my roommate introduced me to a Korean transfer student, and when I told her I was half-Korean, she looked at me and straight-up said "I don't believe you!" with a smile on her face! I was lucky that I had a photo of my mom in my wallet! I realize I got a lot more from my dad's side than from my mom, but her saying that felt like a needle shot through me guhhhhh

I have a few more ideas, so if these can't form good storyboards, I'll most likely rely on my fallbacks! The topic is pretty broad, but I won't complain! uwu)/


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