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Discarded Urchins

Disclaimer: Somewhat disturbing, even for me. 

Step 1: Adaptation from Spoon River Anthology: Mrs. Meyers

Mrs. Meyers

HE protested all his life long

The newspapers lied about him villainously;

That he was not at fault for Minerva’s fall,

But only tried to help her.

Poor soul so sunk in sin he could not see

That even trying to help her, as he called it,

He had broken the law human and divine.

Passers by, an ancient admonition to you:

If your ways would be ways of pleasantness,

And all your pathways peace,

Love God and keep his commandments.

This piece spoke to me because it reminded me of times we do bad things, in order to accomplish good.

Step 2: 

View here: 

First Draft


Second Draft:


Final Draft


Step 3: Loglines

Logline: An Orphanage director let's go of the loves in her life.


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