Disc Golf Score Keeper

Disc Golf Score Keeper - student project

Disc Golf! It's relaxing and it's fun. Part of that fun is being competitive, and keeping score is integral to that. Trying to beat your own best score for this course? For this particular hole? Your buddy's best score? Or just keeping track of the score in your current game?

My mission is to make a Disc Golf Score Keeper app that keeps the hassle of score keeping down to a minimum, with an elegant interface, and a suite of nice features, such as:

-Record of you and your friends' best scores for each course and hole.
-Current total score always displayed, as well as score to beat (record score for hole/course).
-Smart score dial that starts on par for each hole (or your personal par if you've played the hole before), as opposed to inputing your score number.
-Scores can be emailed, facebooked, tweeted, etc.
-Linked to directory of certified disc golf courses.

If you can think of any other neat features for an app like this, please let me know in the comments!