Disastrous my first macarons :(

Hello everyone!

I love to cook and bake. I mostly make everything from scratch but also I love going to good bakeries and pastry shops. I admire and dream of making something fancy someday while enjoying some French pastries. 

So I thought making macarons would be a great start! I measured everything beforehand and got all necessary items on the counter. I was ready!

The temp. was going up quickly! but everything was under control. I was calm :D

"Hmmmmm.... why does this look so grainy?????" By the way, I added 1 table spoon of Matcha powder. (I just didn't want to use a food coloring :( )

I think I started feeling.... "This is going to be an utter disaster...." I did watch the instructional video twice and how did I forget how to pipe macaron shells???? (I went round and round first :( )

So sad looking my macaron shells :( 

Inside my shell looks completely different from the shell in the video :(

For fillings, I added orange marmalade and Grand Marnier to butter cream. 

My bumpy cracked macarons!!!!! :(

I will try again .... next month??? next year??? but it was fun. Thanks, Kristen :)


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