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UPD2: Aaaand hello again)) 

So, after 2-something years, I am finally ready to admit to myself that finishing this project just isn't going to happen. And it is such a shame, because damn, it's was almost done when I dropped it! So I'll just post what I've got)) There were meant to be some changes in the blury mass movement, and some light effects, but really. It's been two years! I need to admit defeat xDD

The gif turned out to be more than 2MB, so if you want to see the result, you can do it here

And I'll just leave some frames for you!




UPD: So! Hello again! I finally finished a rough lineart of all the second gif's elments, and though it's really rough yet, and I'm not happy with the timing, I still want to share it))

I wanted for a long time to made a portraits and little animations of the girls in russian fairy tales (because they're just that cool). Admittedly, this one turned out not that little, I think others will be a lot shorter. This is Tatiana from The Malachite casket, the story that, funnily enough, quite suits for the "evil twins" theme)).

Tatiana is the daughter of malachite miner Stepan, but she doesn't resemble her father or mother in appearence at all. Who she does resemble quite a lot though, is a local goddess, the mythical Mistress of the Copper Mountain. Tatiana has quite an interesting life, which culminates with her being so pissed off with her fiance and the world in general, that she melts away through the malachite wall in the royal palace, sending court into shock, and the queen into faint. Tatiana was never seen again after that, but from that time the rumor started that the Mistress of the Copper Mountain got herself a twin.

See? Told you it fits)) Read the story, all the stories from The Mistress of the Copper Mountain by Pavel Bazhov cycle are very good.

So, here is Tatiana.



As this is the story not only about her, but about, well, the malachite casket with jewelry that the Mistress herself gave to Stepan, Tatiana should wear all these precious stones and jewels on her in the moment of her dissapearance. But I really didn't want that many details, as a gif is not very big and they would just get in the way and will be mashed together into indistinguishable mess. So I decided against them after a few trials:




In the process I looked a lot at different styles of drawing and animation. Here are my boards on pinterest: 

  1. for this project,
  2. for animation 
  3. and for art in general that I find interesting.

I looked a lot at Ghibli animation, I really need to rewatch them, they're unbelievable. I also looked at few animation-themed tumblrs, for example:

  1. http://framexframe.tumblr.com/ - exactly what it says))
  2. http://gingercatsneeze.tumblr.com/ - animation blog with good charts, which basically visualise some of the things Joy and Noelle say in this class.

So, what I've got to show today:


I still need to find out how to add more punch to the the dissapearance and to tweak the timeline a bit, but all in all this is it, I'm ready to start the coloring!

Few movements that I still like, but which I was forced to discard in the process (and there was a lot of process, this gif is called casket_animation49.gif for a reason, I've changed the movements of the scales completely 4 times for example).


The blink was to exagerated and distracted viewer from the main movement, and the dissapearance was just not what I wanted (ha! just noticed that i need not change the name of the post, it suits this one too. Nice.)

And this is all for today! Now I need to clean it out a bit and start to work on color. And to persuade my photoshop not to shut down under the weight of the gif every time I try to save it.

Thanks for watching!

(you can also see this project on Behance. There's nothing new there, but it brouses images a bit cleaner)



(June, 2016)


Firstly I wanted to thank Joy and Noelle for such a friendly and inspiring class!

I always wanted to try myself in animation. I started now with watching this class and Alex Grigg's tutorial. First thing I tried to do (just to get the feel of the program) was the colorful flying dot x)) It was very colorful and very... very flying. No, seriously, it's to fast to watch at it comfortably. 

Second attempt took a lot more time and effort. It's not ideal, but I'm still happy with it (for now at least)). 


Some steps of the animation:


Now I need to rewatch all the classes and tutorials again, because I'm sure I did everything the longest and stupidest way, and try something more complicated and detailed!


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