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Jamal Momon

CEO at Dirty Razkal, LLC



Dirty Razkal

We learned so much from the previous class, we had to come back for this one!

What is Dirty Razkal?

Dirty Razkal is an up and coming urban brand with a clean yet grungy look and feel. We love the flawed and imperfect, which is why many of our pieces are vintage washed or cropped in some type of unique way. The brand was created in late 2011 by graphic designer/photographer Jamal Momon, but was released to the public in March of 2012. When designing our products, we are strictly focused on  fabric, workmanship details, and simplistic design elements. We're an urban brand with a slightly contemporary frame of mind. Details and good fabric are 2 things that tend to get overlooked in urban clothing, but we're here to change that!

As you'll see with some of our products, we're a very innovative brand and we strive to always bring something different to the table in attempts to take urban clothing to a new level. Most of our innovative pieces allow the customer to take 1 product, and switch it up multiple ways to achieve different looks. One of our main goals when starting this brand was to make sure the customer gets the most bang for their buck while being able to get dope, exclusive gear.

Check out some of our innovative pieces!

First EVER backpack with interchangeable straps!

The Flip Peak SnapBack

Hoody with interchangeable hood linings

Beanie with interchangeable patches

First. Ever. Audio Trapper With interchangeable Front Piece

Putting in work

Ever since we launched, we hit the ground running. From creating a guerrilla marketing campaign (shoots after shoots after shoots), and working social media as much as we could, we've just been trying to grow brand awareness. We feel like you can have the dopest brand ever, but if no one knows about it, it just dies. We're continuing our guerrilla marketing campaign by working with creatives in different parts of the country. We love doing things like this, because it allows us to create opportunities for more than just ourselves.

Why are we here?

Although the urban clothing industry is extremely saturated, we feel there's a huge need for products that stray away from the norm. We're big on exclusivity and feel like our innovative products will stand out and help take this industry to the next level!

For the People!

Many of our products include multiple pieces (i.e. The beanies, the hoody, and backpack). The reason for this is simple. We want our customer to be able to get as much bang for their buck as possible. These products also allow the customer to be creative and switch the pieces up based on their outfit of choice. This is one of the main product ideas that sparked the creation of the brand and we plan on continuing and enhancing this exclusive product class.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to getting my networking on with all you guys!

Contact: Jamal Momon | CEO

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.dirtyrazkal.com

Instagram: @dirtyrazkal

Twitter: @dirtyrazkal



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