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Marta Martínez

Padawan illustrator



Directional vs Non-directional print. Nautical theme.

Week 1: Itten contrast exercise.

Since we are in summer I thought would be great to do some nautical patterns. I practiced a lot following the videos and finally come out some interesting ideas.

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First I started like Jenna in the video lessons, starting with a diamond shape, creating a stripe, then a grid... something easy like you can see in the first pattern. Below I put another element and played a little with the colours.

Finally I made a simple but I thing nice nautical pattern, using the "design from the corners method", just a few dot-lines a pair of elements but I really would wear a dress with this pattern, so I'm really happy to be able to do that :)


This patterns are so directional and organized so I wanted to make a pattern that was the opposite, I mean, non-directional and disordered. I pick some of the previous nautical elements and I made someone new.. I played with size, opacity, rotation.. This is the result.


Hope you like it! :)


Week 2: Color story exercise

I change a little the non-directional pattern because I feel it very caotic, now I'm more satisfied. This is my first pattern collection ever, yay!! :D


Week 3: Apron test




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