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LaTwan Holland

The Direct Edition



Direct Edition

For quite some time I've always been the conversation starter when it came to my hobbies of comics and video games. The one who says "Hey, have you seen the new pictures from the Spider-Man movie" or "Did you check out the new trailer for the Captain America movie?" I created a short lived paper magazine that lasted all of six months due to unable to obtain financing. Flipboard gives me creative access to carry on my paper without the worry of selling ad space.

So check out The Direct Edition on Flipboard, where you get the latest news and opinions on Comic Book, Video Games, Anime, and related Movies. We're dedicated to pop culture as fans and want to become one of the leading product reporters bringing you up to date news on our favorite hobbies. Anything you want to know about, or give us a heads up on let us know by sending a quick email to [email protected]


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