Dip-pen flower

Dip-pen flower - student project

Saw this class, just for fun, the other night. But then i had some spare time today and did this totaly unplaned, no composition or anything.

I do have a lot of fineliners but thoght I would try one of my dip-pens becauce I thought this one could "go backwards" so that I could do the first technique - it could'nt.

But instead I ended up with this one.

Dip-pen flower - image 1 - student project


Decided to make a background to make it pop out some more. 

 Dip-pen flower - image 2 - student project


Sometimes just watching a class can be useful later on. I'm sure that I am going to experiment a lot more with these, simple but effectful, techniques.

Thank you Giovanna. For an unexpectet but quite useful addition to my pen-technique vokabulary ;)

Henrik L. Brun .
Just playing for the fun of it.