Dinosaur Skate Deck

Dinosaur Skate Deck - student project

I found an old skateboard deck down by the garbage in our apartment unit, so I thought that would make a great surface for a fresh coat of paint and a dinosaur.

Dinosaur Skate Deck - image 1 - student project

First, I cleaned up the old board with a lot of sandpaper and scrubbing. Then, I sprayed it with three coats of all-purpose magenta paint.

I initially tried to do a standard screen-print, but I realized that I would really have to build a more stable press to avoid making a mess on the curves of the board.

Dinosaur Skate Deck - image 2 - student project

I might consider making a board press if I find I need to do a lot of skateboard printing, but since I'm only doing one deck at this time, I used a combination of paper and tape stencils.

I used five stencils in total (one each for black, turquoise, white, copper and gold), blocking out the eyes, eyebrows and nostril with tape.

After each layer, I did touch-ups with a wet sponge and a q-tip and I let it dry before moving on to the next color.

I finished with glossy clear coat and went to a local skate shop to pick up wheels and trucks. While I was there, I found pink checkered grip tape, so I figured I'd add that, too.

After everything was attached, we took it out for a victory ride and picked up a little road rash.

Dinosaur Skate Deck - image 3 - student project

Now I just need to tighten those trucks, but I'm pretty happy with a quick weekend project to make this fierce little dinosaur.

Leitha Matz