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Dinner Dilemma Sample Research

My project is completed now :D.  What do you think of the shots? Should I have used a different composition?  Do some shots seem unnecessary?  Do the shots clearly tell the story?

Here's the link (scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Dinner Dilemma Storyboard):


1.)  Dinner Dilemma (Was chosen)


Mom is fixing dinner and I ask her what’s for dinner and when she answers chicken tetrazzini, my favorite food, I have a huge grin on my face.  I’m sitting at the kitchen table eating with hearts floating around as I eat every bite.  I hear noises from the front door and see my brother walking in with two chubby boys with a soccer ball tucked under his arm.  He asks if they can stay for dinner and I glare at him and wrap my arm around the plate protectively.  When the two boys sit down with their servings they have a curious look on their faces.  One boy takes their first bite and hearts float around his head but I have a horrified look on my face.  They eat the chicken tetrazzini faster and faster, steam comes out of my ears.  They ask for a second helping and a vein pops from my head.  They ask for a third helping and just toss it in their mouths.  I grow horns and have flames behind my back with a death glare in my eyes.  I walk over to the tray and try to get another helping but it’s all gone.  I look like I am imitating “The Scream.”  My brother and his friends start to leave so I fake a smile and when they’re almost out of the door I kick them out and slam it shut.  Mom says, “Don’t worry I saved half of it in the freezer downstairs.”  A light from heaven shines down and I run downstairs and put several locks on the fridge.


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