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My group of friends is 8 couples with average 2 kids per family. Goining to dinner on a friday or saturday evening is very hard. Not a lot of restaurants can accomodate such a group or even half of us.

DineBid is a website where a group or even a couple or just some friends who want to have nice dinner with specific demands (number, cuisine, price, ... etc) can post those demands. The criteria are broadcasted to participating restaurants, then restaurants can bid for this group business.

User Stories:

I am responsible for finding a restaurant for a group of 10 adults & 10 kids. I call a few usual restaurants trying to make a reservation. I try opentable too, still no luck.

A restaurant owner or manager who has some empty tables for the evening. He wants to fill those up ... but how?!!!

Wizard of Oz Approach

Receive email or filled form from group needing a reservation. Using email, fax, or phone contact a few participating restaurants & see which would bid to accomodate this group. I notify the group for time & location. Restaurant pays a fee per person.

LEGO Pieces Shortlist

-A form is needed for dining party to enter information. Also form is needed for restaurants to subscribe to become part of the network (Wufoo)

-Launching a kickass website (still need to figure out which of the provided services offer the best option)

-Customer accesibelity for feedback or custom requests

-Database (at first a spreadsheet to keep track of previous orders as well as participating restaurants is good enough)

- Accept payment from restaurants for paying initial setup fee as well as paying the comission of accepting a dining party


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