Dillon | Skillshare Projects

Hayden Aube

Illustrator & Designer




After watching the first few videos of the Skillshare I found myself drawing pickles (naturally). Here's Dillon, a rather geeky, but nonetheless excited looking dill pickle :) As I go through the rest of the Skillshare I'll update him here!

I don't have a scanner so my mobile will have to do.


Update 1

I began the digital process today! I was getting a little too picky with colors at first but once I let go I was able to make some great progress on Dillon's body and face. I'm really enjoying the illustration and I'm learning lots! Feedback and suggestions are more than welcome :)


Update 2

Spent some more time on Dillon here during the weekend. I've gotten him to a pretty good place and I'm quite happy with how its going. I am going to come back to it at another time though to do some compositional tweaks. I think I need to add some more contrast, especially to separate him from the background I've put in. That and I'd like to add some smaller details to his pants, including belt loops and maybe see what he looks like with a nose lol. Oh, and some overall highlights! If anyone else has any ideas for Dillon here, do let me know :)



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