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Digital talent incubator

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By Brian McKinney

Digital talent incubator A community for creative entrepreneurs, fashion designers and product developers who use technology to build innovative products that people want, and ideas that make a difference.

The Problem

Creative fashion, product or costume design professional with innovative business ideas that could change the world and make a profit. Need to learn how to use technology to bring their entrepreneurial ideas to market. They need help getting product ideas from concept to consumer in the fastest most cost efficient way, while building the social clout and professional connections required to sustain continued growth. Ideas need to be encouraged and incubated into targeted, scalable business models.

They don’t want to spend their life working hard for others when they can unleash the entrepreneurial genius within and get paid while doing so. They watch shark tank and read stories on blogs and forums about creative people who have successfully parlayed their ideas into marketable products, while wishing they had a system for bringing their own creative idea’s to market and find partners who are willing to invest in them.

They are aware of the fact that traditional educational institutions have been slow to incorporate a multi-disciplined, targeted learning approach that addresses the wave of the new innovative technology economies needs requirements.


We are looking for a group of highly committed individual’s to join our summer 2013 training for emerging professionals with innovative ideas and the investors who want to support them. Joint us in building our virtual community by sharing ideas, stories, news, training concepts and new technology applications. Help us develop this transparent learning community that shares information and helps build better products that sell and make the world a better place.

This three-month course will focus on applying the most effective new technology tools that help develop your innovative ideas from concept into an application, consumer service or business product.



(Show our success testimonial video- in editing process will be complete soon)



Laptops, tablets and mobile technology are revolutionizing how we learn the skills successful people use to build ideas that make a difference and sell. Don’t be left behind.

We focus on using disruptive technology to streamline the process of transforming great ideas into marketable businesses that investors and innovative companies looking to hire people with digital talents want to support. We reduce the time, effort and investment spent on looking for solutions that move ideas from start-up stage to consumers and investors.

Together we will explore the application of new technology in these areas,
1) Creative idea development.  2) Innovative Product development.  3) Using Social media marketing to build entrepreneurial ideas.

Using a mixture of weekly face time lectures, Skype calls, customized video progress feedback, Mind mapping software, Microsoft Excel and Word, PowerPoint Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, WordPress web design, CSS and Html5 and Java, Crowd storming E-commerce and M-commerce, PLM-Line planning, PDM-technical package design, ERP-enterprise resource planning, lean business canvas, Crowd Funding and Virtual assistants acquisition and training, Social media marketing strategy.



We're building a community of people who are willing to disrupt traditional education and change the way we learn. Join us in developing innovative ideas, concepts, stories and communities that make a difference. We're looking for ideas, drawings, pictures or concepts and new prototypes. Our goal is to strengthen our community and share techniques with fellow creative’s who are seeking solutions to the same pain.


[Still working on the rights incentives to cover Money, Attention and Experience.]

Rewards –

  • Prizes
  • Bonus
  • Acknowledgements
  • Industry connections
  • Recognition
  • Opportunity to work with innovative teams looking for people with your skill set
  • Community support for your idea and suggestion.
  • Community feedback to help make you idea, product or design marketable. 
  • Our media partners [still working on who they are] will be covering the challenge, so there is an opportunity to receive media coverage as well. 


    [Still working on this]


    1. Announce challenge

    2 ideas submission and feedback

    3. Peer review and jury review

    4. Winners announced

    6. Crowd fund first product iteration

    7. Move winning company into incubator

    [Will add some more details to each phase]


    Educational partners  

    Industry partners         []

    Peer partners               [Professors from international design schools and cohorts]

    [Still working on this]



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