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Digital portrait in grayscale


There is this horrible Polish movie based on a folklore tale. I watched it for the first time when I was 8 years old or something. I remember that I liked it but mainly I remember the actress who is so stunningly beautiful that I remember her face ever since. Her name is Marina Aleksandrova and I used a photo of her for this project. 
I did some quick sketches mainly focusing on hair. I kinda feel like doing 5,1 or 2 but can't decide yet :<. Does anyone have an opinion? I would be grateful.
Thank you!  :)


Ok. Hello again. :) I couldn't wrap my head around the previous ideas(composition sucked, hair was somehow lifeless, just bleh :/ ) so I started over. I always do a sketch first I know that Gabrielle doesn't but it's just how I prefer it. :)



I also did a black clothes version. I decided to work on the bright one for now as I can always go back to the black version. Any preferences everyone? :D


I still have a way to go. I did eyes for now. I will have to work on rendering face, do details on hair and decide on clothes.


Next step. I did the lips and worked a little bit more on the lips. I'm still struggling with this smooth surface and noticed that eyebrows are not even. Will have to work on that too. :)
If anyone is interested in detailed pictures of the process, please check out :


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