Stephanie Turner

Hobby artist working on leveling up



Digital portrait class

Wow! This class was incredible. I've just recently begun trying to learn to paint digitally, and could never quite figure out how people were going about it. This class showed me EVERYTHING I needed and some extra helpful tricks! I love how it turned out. This took me a really long time. Like probably around a full 8 hours of work.

Alright, the picture show starts with my reference photo next to my first value lay-down (I've also worked on an eye a bit.) I couldn't find the source photographer for my reference photo. I found it on pinterest and the link took me to a random article that the picture wasn't even in. Hooray pinterest. Anyway!



Nearly finished in the next one!


Aaand done!


So yeah, I had a lot of fun pushing things around with the liquify tool, re-doing whole areas because I was apparently not in control of my faculties when I painted it, and even used the burn tool a bit.


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