Digital brushes

Digital brushes - student project


Thanks for another great class!


As I'm stuck in one spot with my broken foot up I couldn't gather all my different materials, so looked to my ink pen and a photo of the ring binder on my sketch pad!

I tried to play with all the scattering and tapering, and velocity and came up with the following set.

Left: scattered dots. Top: ink pen lines. 2nd: painted marks. 3rd: ink hatching. 4th–6th: ring binder photo.


Digital brushes - image 1 - student project


Digital brushes - image 2 - student project

Digital brushes - image 3 - student project

Digital brushes - image 4 - student project


I inverted this by mistake, but thought it looked quite interesting! Almost like looking through a lab microscope in to a petri dish!

Digital brushes - image 5 - student project


Amanda Hepburn
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