Digital Woodblock Print - Photoshop class

Digital Woodblock Print - Photoshop class - student project

So I don't know if my process was the best, but it worked for me. I first recorded my screen as I worked in photoshop and then I recorded the audio afterwards as I watched it. There were a few times that I forgot what I was going to do so I slipped up on what I was saying. 

After I recorded the audio I put everything together in After Affects and chopped it up into parts. I wasn't sure how to do my intro, I was going to record myself talking but I felt more comfortable being able to read a script. I also wasn't quite sure how to end my class, I just kinda ended it.

Overall I was pretty happy with how it went and I've finally published my first class! Please check it out and let me know what you think!

Digital Woodblock Print - Photoshop class - image 1 - student project

Blair Adams
Designer, Illustrator & Animator