Digital, Traditional, Landscape Artwork

Digital, Traditional, Landscape Artwork - student project

I've taken some pictures directly of my Google Drive Paintings folder because I don't know how to share it with the world and turn my passion for doing art into a healthy side hustle. Healthy, fun, rewarding, and successful in helping me out with a lil bit of spending money, if that's possible!

I've had profiles with Art Station, Deviant, Squarespace, Wix, and .com.

I also have a tiny little Redbubble shop with some of my artworks on their various items, and I added a link to that shop for you to peruse. In case the link doesn't work, you can click here for reference:

My redbubble shop is okay, and I've made a handful of sales from friends and family, but nothing to write home about. And RB can't pay me yet! I haven't reached the minimum for them to pay me before year is over!

What sounds more practical for me and my situation is to sell my art in digital copies to shoppers, which would require me to build my own website and watch the skillshare classes on how to do that. I suppose that's one way to do it!

At this point, the most attractive solution to me is to start with an Adobe Portfolio website while also playing around with Adobe Fresco. And..go from there, but I'm not sure to where, or what the next step is!

As you can tell, maybe, I have lots of ideas, lots of trial and error attempts, and not a lot of success as of yet. My friends and family are my biggest fans at least on instagram, which is great, but still isn't much of a side hustle. Yet!

It's not really "how to make money doing art", my question is "how to find fans of my work and reach the ones who would want to purchase, and therefore support my craft so I can do more of my craft using the internet?"

It's a dizzying question, and Google search isn't making it less dizzying!


Anyway, this was a lot to read, but I appreciate any and all feedback!

EikoDigital, Traditional, Landscape Artwork - image 1 - student projectDigital, Traditional, Landscape Artwork - image 2 - student projectDigital, Traditional, Landscape Artwork - image 3 - student project