Digital Terrarium

Digital Terrarium - student project

This class was the nerdy deep dive I needed!  I work in gouache and it was so so super useful to see an example of gouache scanning/selecting in action.

Unedited elements scan:Digital Terrarium - image 1 - student project

Final composite:

Digital Terrarium - image 2 - student project

I have tried all kinds of digitizing methods and this is the best result I've ever gotten.  Yay!  I used the pen tool just because I'm really comfortable with it and I generally like a clean edge on my work anyway.  I was dying to magic erase everything but the paper I used has enough tooth that my edges were pretty messy when I tried it.  

I only did a couple hue/saturation edits but I leaned pretty hard into levels (now that I understand what those sliders actually do).  I added a bit of shadow to the terrarium floor on a separate layer and really should have done the same to the plants as needed but I still have to figure out which PS gouache brush is the best match to my analog brushstrokes.  Overall, though, I'm delighted with this class and am probably going to end up watching it multiple times to make sure I catch everything. Thank you!!