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Digital Salesman - we find customers looking for you

I've joined two other professionals and we created this service called Digital Salesman. It's a lead generation system, all based in digital marketing and the new role of marketing in modern society. That's why I enrolled this course. 

We've chosen a very popular concept as our brand, because we wanted to put the focus on the outcome we'll bring to our customers: sales. Our approach is very systematic: we believe 100% in data-driven decisions and continuous improvement. We are taking a compromise of "Improved performance every month. Or you do not pay.".

Me and one of the guys are developers. The other is from a commercial area of an IT company. We think we mix various knowledge areas that result in a very strong combination of skills.

I hope to exchange experiences with great people here.

11 Questions About Your Role and Your Leverage

1) What is Marketing for?

It’ll be used to define the customers we want to acquire, the problem they want solved and the solution we offer. Finally, marketing will enable us to find these customers — and only them.

2) What are we allowed to touch?

All the business strategy and decisions.

3) What can we as marketers measure?

As the business is almost 100% digital, we will be able to measure almost everything. For the customers, we will focus on % of Conversion and Cost-Per-Conversion/Acquisition. For us, we will focus on profit per customer.

4) What can we change?

We can change the way people (both buyers and sellers) think about the sales process. We don’t want to upset the buyers with an inconvenient offer. We want them to be surprised to find that we (the sellers) have the solution that will solve their problem. We want them to feel understood.

5) What promise are we going to make?

Continuous improvement of the sales process, based on concrete numbers and metrics. Or they don’t pay us.

6) What’s the hard part?

First, convince people that this new approach to selling is more appropriate than the old, traditional one. Second, research about so many unknown markets (as many as customers).

7) Should your organization be making trends or following trends?

Definitely, making trends.

8) Where is the risk?

For us, if we fail, lots of personal frustration. For the customers, the risk is to discover that their USP (unique selling propostion) is not as appeal as they thought it was, or even that it’s not unique.

9) Who is in charge?

Me, Rafael Muniz and Mauricio Xavier.

10) Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for?

Self education and digital campaigns (sponsored links).

11) How should we be spending our time?

Studying and putting knowledges of high value in practice.

Describe the business or brand you're marketing

Digital salesman - we find customers looking for you. Improved performance every month. Or you do not pay.


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