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Digital Portfolio Product

Still in the concept phase, this product would provide individuals with the ability to own and manage their own lifetime educational assets - acquired through both formal and informal learning. This product will provide an individual with a complete self-learner's view: a collection of all personal learning assets, artifacts, badges, certifications, grades, etc. The learner will be able to create, store, reflect and share his/her abilities and accomplishments, as well as set goals and alerts/thresholds. The product will allow teachers/instructors to assess the student's work and provide feedback, and will integrate with other certifiers of works, such as testing agencies, badges and grading systems. Students will be able to share with external stakeholders such as potential employers and providers of educational content. 

The question that I need to answer is - who will pay for this product? Is it the student/parent? The educational provider? Someone else? 


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