Digital Painting: From Sketch To Final Painting

Digital Painting: From Sketch To Final Painting - student project

Digital painting is a form that is used frequently in the entertainment industry, it allows artists to experiment and create unique concepts arts from extraordinary environment designs to captivating character illustrations that inspire and fascinate spectators.

Using photoshop and basic but essential art fundamentals, this class will learn transferrable skills and techniques, from beginning to end lesson and create digital paintings to be proud of.

If you are one with passion for digital art from either either professional or beginner's background and want to learn something new and exciting; then this class will accommodate you and use these methods to gain a better understanding for both digital software and a way to look at art differently.

Digital Painting: From Sketch To Final Painting - image 1 - student project

What You'll Learn 

Inspirations and References: You will learn a few ways to climb out of being creatively stuck and  uninspired and a fast way to lay down ideas to get you started. 

Sketching and Fundamentals: The importance of sketching the right way, for best possible results, a few ways this will be explored is going through or revising and practising basic fundamentals.

  •   Composition: The secret to good composition and why it works.
  •  Value and Shapes: You will study value and gain a better understanding about lighting and contrast and create recognisable shapes/figures using black and white palette.
  • Colour Theory: You will learn about contemporary colours and the relationship between, you will adjust and play with hues, tones and going through some of terminology.

Texturing: Through some research we will find photo textures and how to apply them to your work.

 Final Render: We will be adding finishing touches and polishing your work.

Digital Painting: From Sketch To Final Painting - image 2 - student project

What You'll Do

You will create a digital painting from scratch in Photoshop and come to grasp a better understanding of both your software and tools at your possession.

By the end of the class you will have a clear perception of how a painting is produced by following and understanding basic art fundamentals and apply those to your digital paintings.

What Tools you Need

- Adobe Photoshop (which version doesn't matter us much) 

 - Wacom Bamboo Tablet and a Pen

Outline Template

Digital Painting: From Sketch To Final Painting Intro

Join me by clicking the link below and let's have some fun painting :)

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Rameses Tshimanga
Animator, Illustrator and Filmmaker