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Brandon Whelan

Artist & Designer



Digital Painting (Marketing Tactics)

My Class -


After Updating one of my tags, making the class free, and the changed up the cover art - I started to get more traction


Update - 9-30-16

Only got 5 new views today. Going to change up the cover graphic to see if that helps.


Update - 9-26-16

Changed Thumbnail back to original as V2 did not perform.

Update - 9-25-16

Only at 13 students. I haven't got any new enrollments in several hours.

I'm going to update my thumbnail from this...


to this...


Hope that helps.

What I've done - 9-24-16

  • Posted trailer to youtube
  • Instagram Ad ... (didn't get many likes compared to the amount of likes I get on my artwork - after all it is an ad)
  • Shared on twitter, tumbler, and facebook
  • Making class free for everyone until I reach 25 students. I feel like this the best thing I can do since I don't have a strong following.
  • I'm wondering what kind of response I'll get if I run a FB ad. If I have trouble reaching 25 students I may consider that.


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