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Digital Old Woman

I love drawing portraits and I usually draw pretty young people so I decided to draw someone different for this project. Old people always fascinated me so I looked for some images of old people on Pinterest. At first I was thinking of choosing a few pictures and mixing the facial feautures so I can create something new but I found this picture and I just had to draw from it. 

I don't know who the photographer is. If anyone knows please let me know. Here is the link where I found the picture

At first I drew two more women because I was planning on combining the three pictures.

So I showed these drawings to a few people and everyone (including me) liked the second one more.

Before I scanned it and start working on Photoshop I drew over it with a black pen to make the lines more clear.

Then I scanned it, cleaned it up and increased the levels on Photoshop.

I tried to do follow Sara Blake's guidelines as much as I could but my Photoshop skills aren't great so there are still some things I don't understand.

I drew with marker pens on paper and then scanned it to use as background.

The first one was my favourite so I cropped it a little bit and played with colours and added it as a background to my drawing.

These are some of the final versions:


I think my favourite is the first one but I really like the lines and colours in the second one and the last one.


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