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Digital Florals: Painting in iPad Procreate


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Floral design is a timeless art that will always be in style. Have you ever seen such floral designs and wished you could create something like that yourself? Procreate app for iPad now makes it easier than ever to create beautiful digital illustrations.

Welcome to Digital Florals: Painting in iPad Procreate.

In this class, we will go over the process of using iPad's Procreate app to create unique and beautiful floral illustrations that be used on multiple surfaces like greeting cards, stationery, art prints, etc


  • iPad
  • Procreate app
  • Stylus, such as the Apple pencil

You will learn:

  • How to gather inspiration for your initial sketch.
  • How to import your sketch and set your ideal canvas size.
  • How to navigate the Procreate tools: layers, brushes, and color swatches.
  • How to use eraser and blender brushes to add texture.
  • How to save and export illustration.

This class is suitable for all levels.

Class Project:

This class will guide you through the steps to creating your own floral arrangement in procreate.

Step 1: Gather references and sketch your design

Step 2: Create a custom color palette and color block your sketch

Step 3: Use techniques learned from this class to  add texture and details to your piece.

Step 4: Export your final floral art and share with the class :)


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