Digital Estate Plan

Digital Estate Plan - student project
  1. Download the attached resource, ‘Digital Assets Memorandum.xlsx’.
  2. Review the topics as listed in the Index sheet.
  3. Carefully read the Assets and Liabilities sheets to reinforce your awareness of the elements that contribute to or subtract from the value of your estate.
  4. In the Accounts and Contacts sheets, begin recording values as indicated by the column headings. Add any additional Types that pertain to your circumstances.
  5. Review the titles and definitions listed in the Documents sheet. Some of these are components of your general estate plan, for example your Will.
  6. In the Locations sheet, confirm the existence and accessibility of each resource and their contents’ types. Like the Accounts and Contacts sheets, add any of your locations not listed here.
  7. The Executor sheet provides the tasks to be completed by your Digital Executor. Discuss these with the person(s) once designated.
  8. Finally, use the Path sheet as the blueprint for developing your Digital Estate Plan. Test it until it works, then keep all resources up-to-date.
Steve Chapelle
Information privacy and security advisor