Digital Doodle/Line Drawing Exercise | Skillshare Projects

Digital Doodle/Line Drawing Exercise

I used this project as a sort of introduction to the basic functions of Illustrator, since I have really never used it before.  I thought some contour drawings would work well for this project so that is the direction I took.  I also did the doodling exercises given.

Here are a couple of the exercises:

After the exercises I just did some sketchs and contour drawings (some based on photos, others just made up):

I used these drawings to experiment with the techniques provided in the class.  I edited, vectorized and colorized them in Illustrator:

I thought this class was very fun and did a good job of teaching the basic concepts of illustrator to someone who has never used the program before, but is familiar with other Adobe products, such as, Photoshop.  


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