Digital Design & Web Development

Digital Design & Web Development - student project

Hi everyone! My name is Jaime and I am a web designer/developer. I currently work full time as a developer, but am finding that the work is not as fulfilling as I hoped it would be. I would love to be able to start a side hustle where I can flex my creative muscles by working on art, design, and copywriting! It would be my dream to be able to take my side hustle full time.

Currently, I am struggling to brand myself and define my mission, and because of that, I still don’t have my own personal website up and running. I'm still working on (and constantly revising!) several different designs to help brand myself and bring in the types of projects that I would be excited to work on. I hope that this workshop can help me get the insight I need to make decisions and move forward.

I’d love to collaborate with other designers, developers, and all-around creatives on digital projects.

I will continue to update this project over the course of the workshop.

Jaime B.

Digital Designer & Front End Developer